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Lucie ¤ this is my baby ¤ Girl ¤ 20year old smthg ¤ Gemini midheaven ¤ Pisces sun ¤ I've made the street fashion pictures and the drawings (99% of them).
This is my baby

picture of me taken by Corentin
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I’m going to Paris tomorrow for a uni trip. I hope I’ll get interesting shoots of paris for you :)
I’m often thought to be starved anorexic because I’m very slim. If you eat healthy, you don’t age as much.
There’s something about food illustrated, I enjoy drawing and other than portraits, I think food is a good subject. I’m such a girl, it’s the kind of things I like. I have found that most of slender people love food, we have a strong relationship with it and we get into nutrition. I started guetting into nutrition because I wanted (like everyone) to be fit. Then I got into the nutrition facts like actually we don’t need to eat meat everyday, have so much sugar or eating industrial food is like eating plastic: a biscuit from the bakery is different from the one at the store… I have a relationship with food and I develloped it by cutting, seasoning, choosing my food and if I can say something, from what I eat to what I use on my body… it’s natural. I’m healthy and I don’t give a fuck.
Lyon is what’s going on for me
meanwhile I’m desperate for a… smartphone.
Françoise Hardy
Pencil on paper.

<3 Françoise Dorléac des demoiselles de Rochfort. Repose en Paix.
She’s a 60’s french actress who’s sister is Catherine Deneuve. She died in a car crash. I made this gif in her honor.
"Life isn’t a beauty contest." - Karl Lagarfeild
pencil on paper
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